Kim Kardashian Shares 1994 Tupac Video Feat. her – Watch

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2pac memories relentlessly living without any stress. Last time was a full video of 2pac shared my MTV something that we never imagine coming to scene but it has been there even before the rap wizardry encounter his death.

Love it or loath it, Kim Kardashian is letting all and sundry about her moment with late traditional rap God (2Pac) and she obviously finger pointing on exact video of Tupac were turned herself as contributor to 1994 video of Pac. So Kanye West wife is one of Tupac circle, although during currently minutes with her friend Jonathan Cheban’s Foodgod podcast, she noted how tender she was.

Kim Kardashian disclosed that she was 14 years old. Kim revealed. When asked to expand, she said, “No. No one would ever know, So first of all, we lied and said we were like 18 probably. I definitely looked 18. I didn’t even drive. Kim[berly] Stewart was in some, I don’t even know what, I think it was for a soundtrack. I have to call Kourtney and find out.”

After she talked about her experience with Tupac featuring her on visual we are yet to peek on yet fans hunt over her saying on Pac but later surface on 2Pac All About U – video which you can watch below.

Counting female artists who have been with 2pac then Kim Kardashian is one of the notable controversial gender who once Rock on Tupac All About U.

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