Kendrick Lamar Dropping Music Video For Amahiphop Sept. Hip Hop Videos ?

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Kendrick Lamar Dropping Music Video For Amahiphop Sept. Hip Hop Videos ?

Is Kendrick Lamar dropping new song with new video. More of Kendrick Lamar headlines recently trends after new video shot where he spotted as part of video sences. We are not sure if he is a guest appearance for a specific but his show up has left notorious fans into different options of their choice.

Amahiphop, since 2019 Kendrick Lamar’s songs, no song updated from K. Dot. With unverified reasons why the rapper absolutely turned lost following his 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning album DAMN.

But could Kendrick Lamar released new music this year. Maybe there is hope, beside the rapper was caught were he spotted in Los Angeles shooting new music video and that is what erupted his name currently. Describing him from the shot, he was sitting at a payphone with a pair of black Chuck Taylors, mustard yellow shorts then white crewneck started making the rounds yesterday.

The Twitter post below is more of evidence about Kendrick’s songs is around the corner. Kendrick Lamar Shooting Music Video In Los Angeles the caption reads.

One of the most frequent questions is if Kendrick Lamar still working on new album which has been answered. Meanwhile hearing Lamar on music mood, probably that sounds as a testimony. If truly Kendrick Lamar dropping the song and it’s video this month then Amahiphop Sept. 2020 hip-hop videos is Kendrick Lamar updated but as for now let’s wait.

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