Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj Collaboration; Why it Hasn’t Hit

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Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj Collaboration; Why it Hasn't Hit

Just like when you’re hoping Eminem and Meek Mill collaboration to hit stream, as well fans also look up to Nicki Minaj to drag Kendrick Lamar into her music career just with one single.

Kendrick Lamar is a traditional hip-hop rap who everyone in the game would love to engage with. Although many peers found it rare to feature the rapper who has had enough high hip-hop profile. 

Koffee isn’t the only female gender hoping this dream to come true. She already promised fans of her linking up with K. Dot yet Nicki Minaj is another hip fixture who haven’t recorded any song along with the Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper.

Nicki Minaj was able to express her future turn with K during her first Queen Radio episode of the current decade. She led her vocal about Kendrick Lamar, why she hasn’t that collab. to light.

“The reason why I haven’t collaborated with Kendrick Lamar yet is because he don’t want to get washed,” joked Nicki. She also added, “I’m a big fan of him and his talent and I’m looking forward to collaborating with him one day hopefully because he’s animated and I like the animation. And also, he just respects the craft of rap and at this time right now…”

However, Nicki Minaj is working on new album and fans are so desperate to see more differences from her past glory, probably by get in touch with new circle. 

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