Kendrick Lamar and Koffee Expects Collaboration ?
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Kendrick Lamar and Koffee Expects Collaboration ?

It’s very rare Kendrick Lamar assisting or appearing as guest contributor. Koffee has shared what we ought to expect this year since her Dancehall Grammy is something we know in common following her recent earned accolades.

So what exactly are my saying here ? Potential Koffee is hunting for K. Dot on first turn up hit. In fact source revealed to Amahiphop that Koffee featuring Kendrick Lamar is a dream comes true. The Dancehall mastermind artist had her interview, shared her classic stores and led her vocal at Loyal rapper.

Koffee is rising to fame, maybe globally. She already shelved positive plans to welcome peers, not only on Dancehall style but dragging some hip-hop moguls and divas under her own coverage which is achieved plan and probably, 2020 could show more gems of Koffee.

Her interview with RBC music did attracted our attention. She was asked series queries about upfront movement. Her future collaboration which she did mentioned DAMN co-creator. “Actually I’d love to be working with Kendrick Lamar very soon,” she said.

Well it looks like Kendrick Lamar might give her listening ear and Koffee once rumoured on R9 Album. Amahiphop hopefully waiting to see more of accolades from Koffe 2020.


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