Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole Joint Project Erupts Again

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Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole Project Erupts Again

This time fans aren’t keeping mute. You see, everyone wants something different from past experience and Kendrick Lamar with J Cole dropping independent albums in 2020 I think that’s extremely interesting.

Stuffs about Kendrick lapping J Cole or vise versa, has been lingered at least when trying to discussion their music career respective frontline. Also many wonder if Kendrick Lamar still loosing grip on inner studio workings but that’s unpredictable despite TDE president continue assuring fans with related words tag Kendrick.

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So what’s new and why some public domains keeping fans waiting with swirling claiming Kendrick Lamar and J Cole joint album is dropping in no distance time.

TDE president known as Terrence “Punch” Henderson has erupted to fix negative aftermath put in place, or were fans hopes Kendrick Lamar J Cole joint project at the it’s final stage ? 

His recent convo with fans literally going to piss you off because Punch was like seating on the fence to tell us more about K. Dot and J Cole never heard joint album.

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The question arose when Punch announced his plans to release all his records on streaming platforms. One follower replied with, “We want Kendrick,” before expanding on his wish: “I wanna put him on a 3 track Ep with @JColeNC coz the world is going through a lot and that alone would make the world so happy.”

“That’s never going to happen,” Punch responded.

A short while later, Punch went back to Twitter to say that the collab project “would” be “great for hip hop.” He continued by saying he spoke to both Kendrick and Cole and also backtracked his initial claim that the collab was not going to happen. “Nah I don’t know,” he wrote. “It might still happen. I want it to happen.”

Kendrick and J Cole last Amahiphop shared update as regards the joint album. Not even the first time it’s been overemphasized of course over past few years more has been shared both from Kendrick Lamar.

J Cole last year promised us to drop new album The Fall Off in 2020 while Kendrick Lamar was once reported about his follow up to DAMN album. Meanwhile if there’s some extra special then let’s hope stream new albums from these different Hip-hop giants.

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