Kanye West YANDHI album Appears Online On Spotify Fully

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Kanye West YANDHI album Appears Online On Spotify Fully

Kanye West simply can’t get away with what he has been trying to avoid. In July, Kanye West songs surfaced online unexpectedly and regularly and we are still seeo more of Kanye’s new materials from third-party.

Today, his YANDHI filled with songs you might we might have listen has surfaced online. This is second leaked album we are currently checking, but previously was Travis Scott who fall victim yet Kanye West is another victimized artists so far.

But officially, YANDHI album made its appearance this year, on September 27. Maybe not all songs was listed as the trackslist and here is the YANDHI project with more surprise songs we never imagine seeing. The album hit Spotify with related songs coupled along.

The leaked songs in the YANDHI is about 15 tracks which your earshot haven’t get close to. Check out below.

Kanye could be keeping silent over the leak. This not the first something about Kanye music surfacing online under unauthorized way.

Kanye Jesus Is King album has been one of those album we are patiently waiting sometime this month. Despite it’s gambling fans are relentlessly not giving up the album slated to drop last month yet didn’t come to an existence though there’s hope.

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