Kanye West Shows Lil Wayne Jay-Z Isn’t Only One Rapper To Run President
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Kanye West Shows Lil Wayne Jay-Z Isn't Only One Rapper To Run President

What actually brought this ? Kanye West isn’t wasting any time in promoting himself as another special 2020 presidential candidate. He announced running for president but love it or loath Kanye West has this ambition since 2015 and wants it to happen this year.

Kanye West as president, at least YE got more supports and still getting despite Donald Trump overview at Kanye West challenging him. His presidential status is literally under supervision, not many rapper might’ve stand with him on his  recent move but that’s not the case since he has great plans for Americans.

Kanye West is a Hip-hop rapper with political desire. Meanwhile going head to head on contemporaries is what he has shared lately while with Kris Kaylin, a host on Charleston, S.C.’s Z93 Jamz. Yeezy confirmed his man of choice was none other than Jay-Z.

“You know who my favorite candidate is for my running mate is?,” Kanye questioned, before asking the radio show host to guess. “I’ma present it as a riddle to you. When we were trying to figure out my website because everybody kept stealing my website ’cause now I’m in the dirty game of politics, right? So, they stealin’ every option, right? So, what I did is put the initials of this city down, and then I put Kanye 2020. Who would that be?”

Kanye West, is he capable of this run and Lil Wayne last year did mentioned the only rapper who should run for President in 2020 is Jay. Liltunechi said during an interview that Hov the the only hip-hop rapper to contest for president. Jay-Z hasn’t run for president in the past he only get wishes from fans and those rappers that believe he can do it. Kanye West trying to battle contestants is extremely inexplicable to him since there are much significant obstacles to clear.

According to Sabato “He’s got a long way to go even to convince us that he’s serious.”


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