Kanye West Misses Jay-Z’s Friendship After Remembering Past Being

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Kanye West Misses Jay-Z's Friendship After Remember Past Being

Jay-Z and Kanye West feud timeline is one of the historical hip-hop beef. Their differences, to most folks is caused after Jay and Beyonce didn’t attend West Weeding but till date Jay and Kanye have lot of odds characterizing common problem both shared together.

While there’s appearance linked them during Diddy’s birthday celebration, Kanye West undoubtedly misses his friendship with professional Hov whom he had couple of joint hits in the past years.

However, Kanye West could be controversial rapper you can wake up and remember as a rapper with long-run dispute with Beyonce’s husband, although if you can actually observe Kanye West, most times he felt guilty of himself specially during this time he received transformation.

YE presidential run might be a little unaware to Jay-Z and Kanye West believes Jay is another best spot to integral his 2020 presidential bid. 

His Twitter handle always speaks for him since he announced 2020 election campaign but his recent tweet caught fans attention since the rapper is still watching his Jay-Z performed hit Otis at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye wrote: “Miss my bro… real talk.” The Twitter clip was shared my a fan Kanye West was able to leave comment.

Kanye West last month he talked about Jay-Z as one of his favorite candidate for running mate. Without being told, West has been notably about Jay-Z him he haven’t spoken some some years.

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