Kanye West Indirectly Takes Swipe at Meek Mill’s Reform Stragedy

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Is quite unfortunate to hip-hop freaks fans, those who bodies at Kanye West Secular Music. I shouldn’t be giving us crystal clear about Kanye West suprise announcement. Not overemphasized but YE’s born again haven’t welcomed any swipe from counterparts. I tell you what ? Kanye and his newfound Christianity already in shape.

Previously on Amahiphop, “Kanye West ‘Born Again’ Can’t Walk On Nonechalant Reactions.” That was actually what has been around. He proceed on spilling his guts during a recent discussion, some how Meek Mill’s misdemeanor couldn’t fled off from Kanye West interview with Big Boy TV.

Meek Mill probation was squeezed this year. The Philly rapper had enough of plights and after he scored major victory, he then move on doing prison reform to fight for criminal justice. While Kanye West keep secening on various interviews, his Big Boy TV discussion inches more closer following Kanye’s born again topic. During the interview some series of queries  were engaged leaving the rapper saying all he should offer at that moment.

So worldly Kanye West is now denouncing his formal career and culture. Not bad but fellow rappers was awake when he trends on prison reform. Most rappers and fans not letting it go after Kanye West mentioned “But the culture has you focused so much on f**king somebody’s b*tch and pulling up in a foreign and rapping about things that could get you locked up and then saying you about prison reform,” he addressed.

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