Kanye West Gets Support From YG Voting Him For President

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Kanye West and YG

Kanye West is contesting for US president 2020 and that’s currently what he is working on. Kanye West who just delivered new album, God’s Country most have shift full focus over his new decision for president.

YE last week took to Twitter and announced his running for president which has gotten both negative and positive attention from different walk of life and no matter what Kanye West still getting related support not only Elon Musk backing Kanye West position.

Love it or loath, he is serious about the move at least since 2015 Kanye has been vocal about changing the world using his creative stragedy. Although his family cross-examine aspiring for US president could be Bipolar Disorder awaked ?

Well there’s people who are supporting Kanye West who his under Birthday Party, not Democratic or Republican Party. People like his wife Kim, Elon Musk, YG and fans are giving integral to for him to succeed.

YG who was with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed of Real 92.3 on Wednesday, FTP rapper then noted who’s having his 2020 post and it’s all Kanye West. During the interview, he said, “I’m voting for Kanye,” just as he reference more about upcoming election in November.

YG and move in correcting some fault sayings about Kanye West being denied ballot in some states even in New York. Folks have been saying Kanye West isn’t eligible to most state but according to the 4Hunnid Records head honcho, he added that, “It’s All Cap”

YG is focusing on who to work with and Nicki Minaj has been cancelled from his roster instead working full with Kanye West both on new songs other side ventures.

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