Kanye West Ends Secular Music Forever and Switch to Gospel

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Kanye West Ends Secular Music Forever and Switch to Gospel

Some were asking what exactly Ye planning to achieve with gospel. To me i think Kanye West denouncing Secular Sounds or songs, he got something up his sleeve. His Jesus Is King had little bit delay over some few days although without no desperation Kanye West shelved this plan to loose grip on the project. It means that  the album  will nolonger be enlisted as one of our September Albums but October.

However, while we keep waiting for the project to officially hits streaming platforms, there are already a handful of select people who have heard or earshot the project and it all gospel sounds.

Behind those songs serving Kanye West Jesus Is King trackslist, Chicago music industry insider and Valee’s manager Andrew Barber are letting all and sundry Kanye West has totally to took it upon himself to make spiritual music rather than making Secular Music. Andrew Barber took to his Twitter account, disclosed about Kanye West new leaf.

“Just heard Kanye’s new album Jesus Is King and saw the accompanying film. My favorite track is the last song and it features the Clipse. Both Push & No Malice. Kenny G is also on it. “New Body” has been cut from the album.” He wrote on his caption on Twitter.

So, you are there waiting tirelessly over Kanye Jesus Is King and some out there getting it as early bird. Andrew Barber has proven he already heard some those songs on Kanye’s new album even told his favorite song as the last track in the album. “Kanye also announced that he is no longer making secular music,” Barber wrote on Saturday (September 28). “Only Gospel from here on out.” He also noted to Kanye West fans on Twitter.

But wait a minute, this report genuinely not coming from Kim Kardashian husband and of us are in connection with Andrew. Well, Kanye inner workings is obviously showing he is scrapping out Secular Music since Andrew Barber heard some the songs from YE new records. Andrew claims this but is it unbeknown to Kanye ?

Kim Kardashian also promote her husband’s new album lately. The album currently on withhold with it’s creator. Jesus Is King failed to arrive on Friday (September 27) as originally planned, Kim Kardashian announced the album would materialize on Sunday (September 29) in one of her Instagram Stories.

Andrew Barber revealed both Pusha Tol and more traditional artists are featured on Jesus Is King album and this also means Kanye West and Pusha T has squeezed off their beef. “It was great to hear the Clipse on a song together again,” he tweeted. “Hopefully this feature on the Kanye album opens the door for another project from Push & No Malice. I think a good shoulder / bad shoulder album from them would go crazy.”

“The beats on Jesus Is King sounded fire. He definitely pulled from elements of previous sounds that people loved from WTT, 808s, Yeezus, Cruel Summer & MBDTF and put a gospel spin on them. Of course I need to hear them again, but they were knocking on the sound system he had.” he added on Twitter.

Kanye West also made appearance on Chance The Rapper‘s The Big Tour and he also advise fans to wait Jesus Is King album droop soon. “We came here tonight to declare that Jesus Christ is king,” before launching into Chance’s “All We Got.” Check video below.

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