Kanye West Deactivate Instagram Account and More

Kanye West Deactivate Instagram Account and More

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Kanye West just wants to be left alone with his family. He has deactivated his Instagram account and shared the screenshot as well. This is one of the social media platforms Kanye West was restricted from. Although his Twitter account was suspended he has not been making use of it.

Now YE is fully taking a huge break off from social media including Instagram. His action of deactivating his account was a purposeful act since he wants to stay put for now. Meanwhile, Twitter and Instagram are potential social media platforms Kanye West has not enjoyed lately.

In a Tweet shared online, Kanye West confirmed his farewell to his Instagram account. You will be missing some of Kanye West’s amazing and funny moments on both Twitter and Instagram. We are not sure if he is returning or if he deactivated his Instagram account indefinitely.

So where will you find Kanye West’s latest social media activities. Well, Kanye West’s side activities are sometimes shared on TikTok. But that’s not an assurance that Kanye on that social media platform.

Been a rough moment for Kanye West just since his last year’s antisemitic comment. Really not easy for him and his online presence. As we reported previously, his saga continues to grow. He was filed a lawsuit by the former Donda Academy with major reasons.

A report has also shown that Kanye West’s defunct 2024 presidential campaign quoted Ye as saying he wants to be “left alone” and is currently focusing on Donda Academy and his family, the controversial artist has deactivated his Instagram account.

A few days ago, Variety reported that Kanye West’s documentary sold to several broadcasters and platforms, and the producer promises a ‘revelation-driven film’. It was a great move for him and his actions. But social media is currently not settling in with him.

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