50 Cent Troll Kanye West For Crying During Rally

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50 Cent Troll Kanye West For Crying During Rally

Many don’t really understand Kanye West this days. He has been tweeting from different angles of opinion but his wife Kim didn’t accept his recent announcement to run president though supporting him as husband.

50 Cent and Kanye West aren’t troll mate but Fiddy did percivied what has been in the gut, what exactly happened during Kanye West’s rally in South Carolina where he began to cry. He went on tears during his speech in South Carolina. He talked about his daughter nearly killed in an anti-abortion rant.

Kanye move by saying his father whose real name is Ray West almost killed him on abortion but his mom saved his life and that’s why he’s alive today.

Fans are blaming Kanye West for taking the family to the public. Both 50 Cent blamed him for speaking about his wife Kim on Twitter. Despite sharing his words during South Carolina rally, Kanye West even did more worst on Twitter, twitting Kim was trying to lock up him with a doctor behind him. He later deleted the tweet but not forever since 50 Cent also grip on it.

50 Cent then took to Instagram and posted what Kanye West shared on Twitter, where he said Kim trying to lock him up with a doctor like on the movie Get Out because I cried saving my daughter’s life.

“Oh shit, fool you said you almost killed your daughter,” Fifty wrote on the gram. “Your wife knows best sit your ass down. Happy wife happy life.” 50 Cent tweeted.

Fans suspect that this could be another publicity ploy for West’s upcoming album titled, Donda, named after his late mother who passed in 2007. Kanye West has done few Interviews following 2020 presidential election. He said if he win the the election Donald Trump will be vice.

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