Kanye West Beats Jay-Z and More on 2019 Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts

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Kanye West Beat Jay-Z and More on 2019 Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts

Kanye West rap front is fully rising a lot of eyebrows. Kanye amass new hip-hop fortune as Forbes 2019 king him the highest paid hip-hop artist this. Ye lead his contemporaries, those of his frenemies and of  the notable rap power he over take is JAY-Z, the first billionaire rapper.

Some other artists includes Drake and more of other rap rivals in the list. Kanye West is full time businessman like Jay-Z despite giving little bit attention to his music career lately with Jesus Is King. His lucrative shoe company, Yeezy is what helped him to climb to the Forbes rader. His income will definitely escalate before this year runs out and Ye will likely to expect about $1.5 billion by the end of 2019.

Kanye West while on Forbes interview, the rapper talked about this strategy of his footwear. His shoe production is such a tizzy to him will continue to engage his best to the best. His electrifying advocate simply state “There was a beam of light on the idea of me making athletic footwear,” and he also said  “A paradigm shift. Like the Yeezy is desired as much as a Jordan.” Yeezy pulled in about half the revenue of the Nike Air Jordan line that originated in 1985.

This is a very big congratulations to Kanye. Other artists on TOP 5 FORBES 2019 Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts are Kanye West ($150 million), Jay-Z ($81 million), Drake ($75 million), Diddy ($70 million), Travis Scott
($58 million).

Eminem could have made the Top 5 Forbes 2019 most paid acts but Eminem trail behind those mentioned rapper although count the Top 10 you will see Eminem on list with sixth position ($50 million).
Kanye West is currently working on new debut project which will clash with Kevin Gates I’M Him album. Their album scheduled to get released this month and will be add to our 2019 September albums.

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