Justin Bieber Teases 2020 Mysterious Album Official Date

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Justin Bieber Teases 2020 Mysterious Album Official Date

Justin Bieber is readying new album which will drop by 2020. But before the album hit streaming, Justin B has shared he will release some new songs within this year 2019. This December, he will drop new music for Christmas

According to what he shared on Instagram, he let it known about these two singles like Christmas Eve, followed by New Year’s Eve. Both songs are coming this Dec. Dated as “December 24, December 31. So if you still want to stream Justin Bieber’s 2019 songs then assurance is guaranteed.
Justin Bieber once said his Mysterious project is loosing it’s grip this year but it all flipped. Are you so desperate to stream Bieber’s new album, 2020 Jan. 3 might be little bit longer but we have to wait for it. Please also note that  Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, Amahiphop still not sure about what that might be since the POP Superstar mentioned but didn’t exactly told what this quote. 

However, we apparently hope it be two songs drop this month by Bieber. One more thing about Just Bieber’s new project is that it will fully support R&B. Remember, he already shared on Instagram with a caption R&Bieber and fans what that means. He also assured his fanbase that he drop new album this year only on one condition which include getting 20M likes.

Bieber hasn’t released an album since 2015’s Purpose. In April, he returned to the stage during Ariana Grande’s Coachella set where he announced that he was back in the studio.

“So anyways this is my first time on stage in like two years, so I had to get my groove back. I had to get my swag back,” he told the crowd. “And by the way, album coming soon.”

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