Jeezy’s ‘MLK BLVD’ Incorporates Meek Mill In New Video

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Jeezy's 'MLK BLVD' Incorporates Meek Mill In New Video

Loving that Meek Mill is huddling to put out new project, something everyone could found electrified only if his suprise announcement coming to light this year.

Meek haven’t dropped any belated follow-up to his Championship album, but Amahiphop has compiled those featured songs under Meek Mill’s coverage, those third-party collaboration which some of us heard from various Meek Mill’s songs, probably that was this year.

Streaming Meek Mill 2019 songs then you will likely stream his collaborative song with Jezzy titled MLK BLVD. This song MLK BLVD, sure it’s one the song under Jezzy’s TM104: The Legend of the Snowman album yet here’s the video in support to promote his 2019 album.

In the video which you can watch from Amahiphop November Videos,It’s not a very high budget one and unfortunately, Meek doesn’t make an appearance in it.

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