Jay-Z Made Jennifer Lopez Cries For Super Bowl

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Jay-Z Made Jennifer Lopez Cries For Super Bowl

Jay-Z is godfather to most who abide with him. Super Bowl around the corner and Jay-Z is one of the big names thrilling it. Jennifer Lopez has always wanted to be part of the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show and opportunity for her to grab it has been successful enlisted.

The Super Bowl is kicking off on February 2 at Maimi Florida. Jennifer Lopez had missed it earlier but this time things are all good even her husband Alex can prove it.

“It’s been a dream of hers, her whole life,” retired baseball star Alex said on Today. “I mean, who doesn’t wanna play at the Super Bowl, right? Said her husband.
“She’s always wanted it, she’s been close a few times, and when we got that call from Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) and the League and Jay-Z, we were thrilled and she was in tears.”

A-Rod said Jennifer is already putting her all into the concert preparations: “She’s been rehearsing for like, six weeks.”

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