Jay-Z and Rihanna Come Together With $2M For Covid-19 Exit

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Jay-Z and Rihanna Come Together With $2M For Covid-19 Exit

Upon how consistent she is, Rihanna continue to fight the novel COVID-19 Pandemic with necessary power. But as one of the most prestigious women under hip-hop community, Rihanna isn’t in no way watching the infected die of Coronavirus onslaught.

Her foundation donated $5M to help treat Coronavirus victims at the best stable rate yet she keep her mindful contribution. This time both Hov is taking measures to exit COVID-19 Pandemic with the sum of $2M.
Jay-Z and Rihanna common shares started not only in this present decade. They come to help when something is deep-rooting and massively affecting the people of course the fans. $2M is estimate money were Jay-Z brings in $1M then Rihanna as well.

The new round of $2 million funding will support Mayor’s Fund for L.A., Fund for Public Schools, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the New York Immigration Coalition.

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