Jada Pinkett Smith Envisions 2Pac And Will Smith As Close Friends

Jada Pinkett Smith Envisions 2Pac And Will Smith As Close Friends

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Jada Pinkett Smith recently shared in an interview that she believes that 2Pac and Will Smith could have been great friends if the late rapper had survived the 1996 Las Vegas shooting.

Speaking on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast. Pinkett Smith expressed her conviction that the two talented artists really had a lot to offer each other and she further stated that their friendship would have flourished.

However. The Girls Trip actor also revealed that 2Pac silently approved of her relationship with Will Smith.

She did note that while 2Pac had been vocal about her previous relationships. He never did criticized her choice of dating Will Smith.

Which made her to conclude in her eyes that his silence conveyed his approval.

“If ‘Pac had survived Vegas, he and Will would’ve ended up being really good friends. They would’ve had a lot to offer each other. Funny enough, Will was the only person when I started dating him, ‘Pac never said anything”.

Although. This insight into the potential friendship between 2Pac and Will Smith is part of Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent press tour. And it is done in order to promote her memoir, “Worthy”.

Despite the assumptions made by some, Jada Pinkett Smith clarified that she and 2Pac were never in a romantic relationship.

Furthermore. She stated that their bond was deep and rooted in friendship. Also, she encouraged readers to explore her book for a detailed account of their connection.

In her RollingOut interview, Jada Pinkett Smith delved into the unique chemistry she shared with 2Pac.

More to this. She attributed it to a sense of destiny. While stating that growing up together in Baltimore, really played an important role in strengthening their friendship. And it also proved to be a testament to the special connection that they shared between themselves.