2pac murder case

“2pac Murder Case” New Pictures and Videos from Shooting Scene Released

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The murder case of the legendary rapper “2pac” is becoming very serious  like never before  following  the whole lots of evidence and reveals that is coming out recently  that could  help get the person behind his death.

Just as we all know thay rapper “2pac” died of gum shots from a passers-by car, although he didn’t  die at the spot, according  records, the rapper struggled for his life so some couple of days before giving up.

Following  the case, the police has arrested the major suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis, following  the recent evidences that has come out concerning this case which the 8 News Now  presented to a Las Vegas grand jury.

Meanwhile,  the new pictures and videos about 2pac Murder showed a clear view of the black BMW sedan which was the exact car that the rapper was riding in with his friend Suge Knight when some unknown  men shot him.

In the other releases, showed the rapper’s autopsy which they carried out after the death of the rapper, the pictures  actually  showed a closer views of the bullet wound making  the case more interesting  as the grand jury voted to Keefe D on a charge of murder with the evidences showed to him.

Preciously, the alleged shooter was Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson due to the previous  video evidences saw 2pac and Surge while leaving MGM Grand in Las Vegas having some quarrel with some group of people which  Baby Lane was among the group.

This time around, it looks  as of the 2pac Murder Case is getting  more tougher due to the fact that it’s actually  the first time for the past 27 year after the death of the rapper, meanwhile another wiitness stated that it was Deandre “Big Dre” Smith, not Anderson, who shot the rapper.