Ja Rule Continue Infamous Beef With 50 Cent

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Ja Rule Continue Infamous Beef With 50 Cent

Ja Rule and 50 Cent continue infamous beef. Fiddy had his best trolling format since this year. He never give nonchalant reaction either on his fellow G-UNIT Young Buck or Ja Rule.

50 Cent is quite vicious rapper we mostly  encounter on basis, mainly his rant on Instagram popularly giving him coverage he ever deserve as he use fellow rappers to rise beyond fame.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent relationship keep changing as a matter of fact , their beef isn’t settling any dust off. Meanwhile, Ja Rule latest interview is nothing but circling around 50 Cent.

 Ja Rule sat down with Andy Cohen for an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Unsurprisingly, the Murder Inc mastermind was asked about his longtime adversary 50 Cent. Ja coughed out expected opinion right off the bat following the query.

“This is what’s happening live,” Rule begins. “I am removing myself from the circus because what I’ve realized, when you entertain clowns, you become part of the circus. That’s the truth!”

He was also asked to mention some good wonders from 50 Cent but it looks like their beef has been trademarked not to get resolved or squeezed off. Ja Rule said both sworn not to reconcile but foes forever.

“He’s a bad father, he’s got like a big square, box head and he looks like his breath stinks,” he replies. “We’re sworn enemies forever!”

It also looks like Ja Rule is referencing to 50 Cent as bad father after the co-owner had some encounter with his son. 50 Cent elderly son took chances on his father even advising him to take Tekashi 9 as son.

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