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J.Cole Blast After KOD Cover Art Merchandise

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The artist who crafted the tremendous cover art is airing out since J.Cole keep garnering more credits for himself without any bounty or penny given out to  Kamau Haroon art creator. Kamau has expressed his opinion directly after J.Cole move on on Merchandise yet lying to Kamau that the cover will only be used for him album KOD.

“I did all of the creative direction for the KOD album cover and he told me my work was only going to be used for booklet art. Only to turn around and make merchandise illegally with my art behind my back and profit majorly off it while on tour. Fuck them.” Kamau said during Billboard interview. He then move on to stock the fire by saying how thing has been and how J.Cole never value his work making out of his cover art.

“This is exactly how he is able to exploit people. His message of positivity makes them feel comfortable while he finesses the money behind they back.” We are still waiting for Cole to drop his personal advocate follow the allegation.

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