It’s 2020 Lil Wayne Maintains Favorite Rapper to Vybz Kartel

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It's 2020 Lil Wayne Maintains Favorite Rapper to Vybz Kartel

Talking about favorite it’s kind of sharing your best or turns controversial with oppositional. 

Lil Wayne is quiet notorious to most mind probably his fans and support yet some notable figures maintains related accolades towards Liltunechi.

Last year, not only Meek Mill shared about his G.O.A.T but Wayne’s Daughter flatly pronounced his dad the only Greatest Of All Time. Waw that’s could be questioned although more from side ventures of course Dancehall takes Lil Wayne under their cover.

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Vybz Kartel, what’s this tumultuous relationship you all haven’t found ? Maybe the Jamaican reggae dancehall recording artist wants fans to know this unbeknown, his favorite rapper alive.

However, Vybz is fully recognized as West Side blood supported who integral everything about 2pac. He always gives qualities to the California Love rapper even after he was hunted down Tupac remains Vybz Kartel Greatest Of All Time.

In a new publication where Amahiphop noticed, Vybz Kartel boasted about his lyrical prowess, presumably stating his case of being one of the greatest. “@eminem i AM google!” he wrote before asking if his Jamaican fans are ready for a clash of titans. “Jamaica weh you say??? #monster vs #alien.”

Dancehall deejay Wasp, who recently released his tribute to Vybz Kartel, thought that Jay Z was Kartel’s favorite. However, Addi cleared up the misconception with a quick reply to his protege, “no mi dj a pac a me all time fav. #tunchi mi favourite rapper alive.”

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It’s also safe to say that Vybz also has Lil Wayne’s name on his G.O.A.T roster. It’s not the first time Lil Wayne has been thanked since 2020 over his hip-hop career. Few days back Eminem also shared his Lil Wayne top lyrics.

Vybz Kartel labeling Lil Wayne favorite came following Lil Wayne Young Money episode where he had Eminem as another official guest and they also discussed  how they Google their lyrics online.

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