Iggy Azalea Threats T.I Blunder On Twitter – Asshole

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Iggy Azalea Threats T.I Blunder On Twitter - Asshole

T.I wasn’t such radio-slient and his advocate at Breakfast interview extensively took measures at Iggy Azalea who has been a problematic to Hip-hop, as most minds thought about. To me, giving account of their differences is a little bit strict but after T.I swiped at Iggy, characterized her career under Hip-Hop as a blunder yet his opponent was active then. Though has responded lately with her own version of Twitter cyberbullying.

T.I trended headline yesterday and it was all against Iggy Azalea. Iggy confidently respond to him and own series of swipe riddle on different pages of Twitter as shown by the shaderoom. Check out below and swipe left for more.

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