Ice Cube Provides Federal Plan For Black Americans And To Rest Inequality

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Ice Cube Provides Federal Plan For Black America And To Rest Inequality

One of the NWA rap group, Ice Cube, has stand with seven strong civil rights reform , something working on behalf of Black Americans. Cube might be keeping his music front slow and steady movement without hesitating to pass audible information to publication.

Love it or loath, the rate of inequality to Black Americans can be figured directly from racism. It has gone beyond, attracting Black powerhouse like Ice Cube and more related to flex advocate.

Meanwhile, Jay Z isn’t only that colour hunting in stabilizing equality. Ice Cube with his own little way and thoughtful gesture has shelved plans which is currently on moderation in other to take effect.

George Floyd death is a capital wake up to those who haven’t been speaking and Ice Cube is taking those affected ones into shelter-in-blue by providing federal plans for black Americans.

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So in other to rest brutality, inequality which of them is being a racist, Ice then made creative roster called “A Contract with Black America: Addressing Racial Inequality” and details the demands and concessions that African Americans need to see in the near future.

Below you can check out the seven plans of Ice Cube to the federal government.

Black Opportunity and Representation

Massive Bank Lending and Finance Reform

Additional Financial Reform

Judicial and Public Policy Reform

Constitutional Amendment Codifying Expansion of the 13th Amendment by the Courts

Entertainment Industry Reform

Reparations and Monuments and Institutions

Within Ice Cube’s program, he addresses ways to uplift the community by dismantling systemic racism and building equity models to help people have access to opportunities in major ways.

 One way is by making sure that Black and brown kids can get into secondary schools, colleges, and universities that have a tradition of blocking out people of color.

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