Home Intruder Broke Into Eminem’s Living Room
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Home Intruder Broke Into Eminem's Living Room

What could be the primary priority of an intruder whose real name is Matthew David Hughes. Hughes was caught up after penetrating beyond both the guards then into Slim Shady living room were he later get shouted by Shady’s alarm system, waking up the rapper who found the intruder in his living room, the report says.

He came through the kitchen window with a paving stone and climbed into in the rapper’s home in a gated community in the Detroit-area around 4 a.m. earlier this month, TMZ reports.

The alarm wake up the rapper who witnessed the presence the 26yrs old home Intruder and was apprehend by guards who later come in rescue to Eminem. Source noted to Amahiphop that Hughes didn’t try steal anything, but what exactly is he there for as many might be asking.

However, Hughes was picked up my the cops and He faces a two felonies, home invasion and malicious destruction of a building, and was held on $50,000 bond on April 6th.


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