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Future Talks R. Kelly Scandal “We’re giving it too much attention”

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Future Talks R. Kelly Scandal

Since this year vs last year, R.Kelly has been a negative subject to himself as the case about his sex Cult Scandal keep leaping and reigniting every Month ? . If you have been following the R. Kelly Sex issue you will also understand that his is even get beyond popular following the excess attention people that enjoys reading.

However, R.Kelly Music career has been crewing and the singer has not been good since all this prior years as his alleged felony keep getting internet users browsing about and even getting to stream all his songs online.

Some of the fellow celebrities has breathing into his issue even Chris Brown previously encounter him on record deal now Future is seem furious about him and told people to stop giving attention to his crime may we should let it go ?

According to what he said, “We’re giving it too much attention,” the rapper continues. “When you give things too much attention, they blow up. That’s why his music gon’ do what it did ’cause Y’all keep talking about it. Stop talking about it—it’ll go away.”

Future is getting ready to drop his new album after unveiling the album cover The WIZARD. While we still wait for the track-list, you should also listen to his new single which also come with videos at least the ‘Jumpin On A Jet’ and Crushed Up’.

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