Fat Joe Ranks Drake ‘He’s Just Like the Michael Jackson of This Time’

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Fat Joe is reminding us about Michael Jackson historical career. Since official pop Jackson depart from this earth, more celebraties still believe there is another type of Micheal Jackson and that is not the first time at least we can remember when 50 Cent gave accolade to Chris Brown as King Of Pop Star.

The same claim is repeating itself but this time Fat Joe might have percivied what Pop Star looks like probably using current generation to define his point. Checkout on Bloomberg list of world biggest Pop Star artists, Drake is nowhere to secure a spot number but Bad Bonny is leading the updated list since April 14 2020.

But where is Drake on Fat Joe’s Pop Start roster. He was live with Rick Ross on Instagram of course Rick Ross is in no bad blood with the 6 God rapper meanwhile everything they said about Drake are welcomed. Fat Joe was able to raise voice and talk about Drake whom he described as the Michael Jackson of this time, you can just watch that below.

Fat also acknowledged Rick Ross as one of Drake’s favorite rapper. Fat just ranked Drake during the live Instagram. However, have done my research about Drake Pop Star status but am likely to see J. Cole as one those biggest Pop Star artists without 100 No. 1.

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