Fans Thinks Kendrick Lamar Should Drop New Album Not Pglang

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Fans Thinks Kendrick Lamar Should Drop New Album Not Pglang

Kendrick Lamar has been behind silence, locked up his opinion about new album, 2020 project and maybe it’s something what should have being his major priority in new decade just as most folks with different sentiments have noted.

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole can only cites future albums probably by letting it known though J promised to bring The Fall Off to stream while Kendrick Lamar haven’t incite reaction on fans opinions towards his fellow up to DAMN album. Last year, his record Ent. made us hope for new material from K. Dot and we were told the rapper’s album is at it’s finally stage.

But one thing is quite obvious, The All Stars rapper, in his respective disciplines haven’t singled out any song and last year Amahiphop only complied his 2019 featured songs from peers without anyone of his solo albums attached to our compilation list.

Patiently, fans can testify themselves as bystanders waiting to hear something different from Kendrick Lamar’s past catalogs of albums yet it’s taking so long. Well, from what we percivied lately and about Kendrick Lamar’s music front, the rapper is a little bit busy with his new side ventures.

Side venture ? It’s sounds that’s not what we fans wants this time around but album ? 

The landmark Superstar took to his Instagram account and unviled what seems to be an unbeknown project. We’re suprise seeing K’s new Instagram feed with a post showing new creative company called Pglang. It’s a new side venture for the rapper and insisting on what he shared, the photo “It is not a ‘record label,’ a ‘movie studio,’ or a ‘publishing house.’ This is something new,” they say.

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Kendrick has partnered with frequent collaborator Dave Free on the project which is being described as an “at service company.” The press release continues, “pgLang is at service to creators and projects that selflessly speak with, and for, the shared experiences that connect us all.”

Baby Keem is one of the first artists to partner with the company. He also stars in the “visual statement” along with Jorja Smith, Kendrick Lamar, and Yara Shahidi. You can watch the full clip above or on the official website here. The video is directed by Dave Free while the music is written by Florence Welch and Kamasi Washington.

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