Hip Hop rappers net worth 2022

Hip Hop Rappers Net Worth Below 10 Million Dollars

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Since Forbes released their 2022 billionaires list, just a few of our industry rappers made it into the elite category of top billionaire people in the world today. But Elon Musk whose net worth escalated to $219 billion reminds the richest person in the world then followed by the other nine persons. Forbes’s 2022 list is out and you can check it out to know the top 10 richest people in the world right now.

The list has shown about 2668 people were able to hit as billionaire minds which also includes Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and more. However, major of our favourite rappers were under the million count. Not really billion. Meanwhile, let’s list it to you the hip hop rappers who worth below 10 Million dollars

On this page, we will be listing some rappers with close to $200 million net worth. Also not that Kanye West is now the richest musician in the most after his net worth climbed under the estimate of 2 billion dollars. Jay-Z and Rihanna then follow up while Rihanna is the richest female artist in the world right now.

Musicians/Rappers With $100+ Million Net Worth 2022

Snoop Dogg Net Worth $150 Million

Many might wonder about the exact net worth of Uncle Snoop Dogg. Dogg has had one of the best net worth possession since his career. Yes, he has no way to be compared with Kanye West and Jay-Z who have grown bigger ground from a different lucrative source of income. It’s 2022, at least Snoop Dogg has migrated his net worth of $143 million as of 2021 to $150 million currently.

Drake Net Worth $180 Million

Drake is another heavy-duty rapper with an amazing net worth. Sure, Drake’s net worth is not up to $200 M both before 2023, OVO will sure hit the bricks. Drake’s 2022 net worth is $180 million making him one of the richest million dollars hip hop rappers.

Dr Dre Net Worth $820 Million

Dr Dre who has been in a battle with his wife over the past years, is still a millionaire. In fact, he is the most hip hop mogul leading the millionaire list with a net worth of $820 million. As 2022 net worth has been updated, it is quite unfortunate Dr Dre didn’t make the billionaires list along with Kanye West and Jay-Z. By next year we also believe Beats Electronics will add more value to its net worth.

The Weeknd Net Worth $300 Million

The Canadian singer who is also a producer is one of the top hip hop millionaires whose net worth hit over 100 million dollars. The Weeknd 2022 net worth is 300 million dollars. This year also favour the rapper and he continues to grow both in net worth and more.

Nicki Minaj Net Worth $100 Million

Nicki Minaj might be at the same net worth with Rihanna but Nicki is really worth that 100 million dollars as she has such an estimated net worth. Last two years she maintained same net worth but in 2021, Nick Minaj was 90 million dollars in net worth. This year, Nicki Minaj has back to $100.

Beyonce Net Worth $400 Million

Beyonce and Jay-Z have this beautiful married life. After from that, both are doing well respectively. While her husband is one of the billionaires in Forbes 2022 list, Beyonce also got her ground with an estimated $400 net worth. Beyonce’s 2022 net worth has been updated and adding to her husband’s net worth then both will be worth close to $1.8 billion. Jay-Z net worth is $1.3 billion.

Justin Bieber Net Worth $265 Million

Justin Bieber is above 100 according to the 2022 net worth record. Bieber’s monthly is more than $2 million. Justin Bieber is not a businessman but his endorsement, his multiple streams of his music career continue to lift him among the millionaire artists with higher net worth. Celebritynetworth confirmed Bieber’s 2022 net worth is $265 million dollars

Eminem Net Worth $630 Million

Eminem is among the best rapper who sell much better from past to present. Eminem has sold about 220 million records. Eminem is simply getting close to the billionaire’s list. But before thag, Forbes 2022 ranks him with $630 million of net worth.

Lil Wayne Net Worth 150 Million

This year’s Lil Wayne’s net worth is roughly $150 million making them one of the hip hop rappers whose net worth is beyond $100 million. Lil who started his solo music with The Block is Hot album just after living Hot Boys group has grown to a bigger of Drake, Nicki Minaj as part of his musical family.

P Diddy Net Worth $900 Million

P Diddy net worth is another net worth hitting to 1 billion. Last year his net worth was 800 million dollars and has moved with 900 since this year. P Diddy is a hip-hop rapper, a producer, also a businessman as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

LL Cole J Net Worth $120 Million

LL Cole J is an amazing American rapper who might not found foundness in showing up himself either through his career or something else. Both the rapper’s net worth as of 2022 is roughly 120 million. He is one of the rappers maintaining the 100 million plus.

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List Of Hip Hop Rappers Net Worth Below $100 Million

  • 50 Cent – $40 Million
  • Cardi B – $24 Million
  • Wiz Khalifa – $60 million
  • Travis Scott – $60 Million
  • J. Cole – $60 Million
  • Future – $40 Million
  • Meek Mill – $20 Million
  • Rick Ross – $45 Million
  • Gucci Mane – $12 Milion
  • Migos – 80 million
  • Megan Thee stallion – $8 Million
  • 2 Chainz – $9 Million
  • Tory Lanze – $4 Million
  • NBA YoungBoy – $6 Million
  • Lil Baby – $5 million
  • Lil Durk – $3 Million
  • Tekashi69 – $8 Million
  • Doja Cate – $8 million
  • Tyga – $5 Million
  • Moneybagg Yo – $6 Million

There are more American rappers but these are the most popular ones with a net worth below 100 million dollars. This page will be updated on bases to get more hip hop rappers’ net worth for 2022. Always check back for more updates.

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