Eminem Side Chris Brown Rihanna Assault With Leaked Clip

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Eminem Side Chris Brown Rihanna Assault With Leaked Clip

Chris Brown and Rihanna aren’t close-knit any longer since their beef kicked off over consecutive years. While Breezy keep on receiving extensive side lash from Rihanna’s fans, Eminem new leaked song is even worsting what seemed to be more controversial in between Breezy and his ex Riri.

We all knew Chris Brown relationship with Rihanna is being bogged down with past crises, where the Heat singer subjected as vicious woman beater. That was actually assault fans of Rihanna grip against Chris Brown over his behavior of 2009.

Chris Brown is more frequently to get ton of hate over his endless amount of legal troubles with Rihanna. However, if you’re not sure of Eminem shifting himself as Chris Brown Stan then newly leaked song is obviously siding for Chris Brown on the same historical beat down of Rihanna.

In the clip, the 47-year-old rapper state his crystal clear, admitting he also beat down a bitch probably as Chris Brown did. “I’d side with Chris Brown, I’d beat down a bitch too.”

The seven-second snippet first surfaced Sunday on Reddit under the title “(SNIPPET) Eminem – Things Get Worse (Rihanna Diss).” The leaked verse is reportedly from an unreleased version of B.o.B.’s “Things Get Worse” off 2011’s EPIC album, which was a leftover from Em’s 2009 Relapse recording sessions.


The song was released just months after Brown was charged with assaulting Rihanna and was recorded prior to Em’s hit collaborations with Rihanna including 2010’s “Love the Way You Lie” and 2013’s “The Monster.”

Rihanna fans haven’t taken well to the newly-surfaced lyrics, voicing their disapproval on social media, while others were more forgiving.

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