Eminem & Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” Tops Em 2019 Songs

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Eminem & Fat Joe's "Lord Above" Tops Em 2019 Songs

Eminem could be readying new project just as we are waiting for something new this month. On a high note, there has been slew of singles featuring Slim Shady and it all pledges from Rap peers.

2019 Eminem songs is quite easy to compile despite haven’t put out new material following his brutal 2018 Kamikaze album. New album is up in the air irrespective of how much we wants something different bars from Kamikaze, Amahiphop complied Em’s 2019 catalog of featured songs in connection with fellow hip-hop counterparts.

Sure meanwhile Eminem, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill DaBaby could be claiming most featured artist in 2019. They have gotten ton of features from related third-party collaborations yet haven’t delivered new album so far this year.

We added few leaked songs of Eminem to 2019 Eminem song list and those which have been recorded over the past years yet  didn’t get some earshot so early. Songs like what If I Was A Gay and Everything. The last song featuring Eminem is Griselda Feat. Eminem “Bang” on WWCD.

Fat Joe’s new album (Family Ties) is another project were Eminem featured with Lord Above. The
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Eminem’s diss track is the ninith songs of Eminem and few feature. Eminem is dropping new album this month as “The Slim Shady LP” Expanded Edition.

However, the album will definitely updated on Amahiphop December Albums but will also appears on Eminem’s 2019 songs as well.

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