Eminem & Conway The Machine New Song “Bang” Raps Canibus and Ja Rule Beef

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Eminem & Conway The Machine “Bang” Song Raps Canibus and Ja Rule Beef

Majority is leaving a story behind, insulating Eminem puts drawback to Gunn and Conway. Em during past two year did inked both West Gunn and Conway into his solidified rec. Shady Records label meanwhile we highly expect the revealed rapper to hit up with new first project. Although West Gunn and Conway debut MachineGun Black but listeners wonder if the release is setting up a project.

Well, unbeknown to most people out there, Conway might have a major label or did he ? since he got a solo album off from West Gunn. Amahiphop hopes God Don’t Make Mistakes is organizing its tracklist meanwhile Bang is likely to be one of the supervising track by his God Don’t Make Mistakes even drag Eminem as a span to Conway yet to arrived project despite he later collaborate with Conway on his latest song Bang.

Eminem official took to his twitter followers and unveiled the team song. However, the track is sparking a lot of debate after Conway Bang gave Eminem behest advantage to unleash big statements against his rivals not even MGK but we knew it that Eminem Kamikaze once steal headlines, love it or loath it that project caught into wind with Canibus and Ja Rule yet we can hear Eminem rapping below.

“I used to be a man of the people/Hit the clubs and mingle (What up?)” he spits. “Used to dream one day I’d be fuckin’ pink like a flamingo (Pink).

“That was back when I smoked Canibus/Man, but it was tough, ’cause I was a fan of his/So it sucked to hand him his ass, but/Yeah, lookin’ back on my feuds/How me and Ja Rule almost got cool/’Cause we shot pool back in ’01/Was it ’02? I don’t know, but/Something told me fuckin’ not to.”

Eminem and Canibus engaged into feud over decades and it all started after Canibus refuse to turn up with Eminem on a song thinking he’s a ghostwriter LL Cool J’s Canibus diss “Ripper Strikes Back.” Canibus also hopped in back with “U Didn’t Care” aimed on Em.

In 2012, Canibus challenged Em to a rap battle and dissed battle rapper Dizaster on a track entitled “Hip Hop Top Brass.” Canibus then battled Dizaster and fails to remember his raps. Subsequently, he concedes the battle and is booed off stage after reciting rhymes from his notebook. What do you think ?

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