Eminem Breaking Attendance Records During New Zealand Concert

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Eminem Breaking Attendance Records During New Zealand Concert

Eminem has grown beyond everyone expectation. While his Kamikaze album still stans streaming, Em is also going on some of his series tour. He toured in Brisbane and now here come his new tour in Zealand.On his concert at WestPac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand, slim shade has record a new history after his stans attendance increased with 46,474. His previous stans at a Robbie Williams show in 2001 was 42,500.

“Eminem is one of the greatest showmen in the world, with a fiercely loyal fan base that continues to grow with each tour,” said promoter Paul Dainty. “He is no stranger to selling out stadium shows, but he is continuing to break attendance records across both New Zealand and Australia, which is just phenomenal.” Eminem also packed that large number of fans during his Grounds in Australia with 80,708. See One one photos of Eminem concert below.

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