Drake Tags as Jealous Lover After He Unfollowed Rihanna

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As Rihanna and ASAP Rocky continue to receive more bold-line congratulations from favorites supports. It’s even clear that the lovebirds are just getting started to welcome more acclaims. Rihanna pregnancy has been verified but looks like her formal lover catching the wrong feeling. Drake unfollowed Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship first hit the bricks on unpreparable relationship. But Rihanna finally create a space in her heart for Drake. Although Drake proceeded with Rihanna on another level of relationship yet it all flipped not for good.

Rihanna relationship status has different dimensions of human characters attached to it. Both Chris Brown, Drake and a billionaire business man known as Hassan Jameel have all shared moments in Riri life. However, she has moved on with ASAP Rocky.

Rocky and Rihanna are being seen as perfect match following how consistent they kept the relationship to date. Both of the announced their first baby on the way. Sure the Man Down singer and Rakim Athelaston Mayers, 33 will becomes dad and mom in no distance time.

There have been more mix reactions about Rihanna pregnancy. Especially, Drake has notably shown how he felt after what millions people celebrated as good new for Rihanna. He unfollowed ASAP Rocky and Rihanna on Instagram following the pregnancy announcement. Check the twitter post below.

Many people thinks Drake action was too jealous and shouldn’t have unfollowed the match couple over their incoming offspring. As for Chris Brown, Breezy is behaving according. Looks like he did enjoyed the good news just unlike Drake.

Drake unfollowed Rihanna but what do you all think about it. What does it show to you or how can you describe his action against Rihanna