Two new songs confusion and I Could Never

Drake Shares Two New Songs Confusion & I Could Never – Listen

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Drake has released two new songs Confusion and I Could Never. These two new songs came in after the arrival of his Honestly, Nevermind album. As of now, Drake’s music front is literally bringing out more new songs. Despite his seventh album which has been made available, Drake added more two hits.

Apart from Drake’s Honestly album, OVO is also readying a new album pack. Scary Hours 3 is on the way and it won’t take long as Drake has promised. His most recent album, although not many of his fans are liking the album. The reason why it has gotten a little rocky lately is that it is not a pure hip-hop style. Meanwhile, Drake is doubling up with Scary Hours 3.

So, has more offerings to deliver but ahead of Scary Hours 3, here are two news songs out from Honestly, Nevermind. During his appearance on SiriusXM, he played a few songs.

The first new song is called ‘Confusion’. It’s a cover of Keinemusik’s song of the same name that appeared on their 2022 album Send Return. It fits the vibe of Drizzy’s new LP and we’re surprised it didn’t end up on there.

The second new song is one that some more hardcore Drake fans might already be somewhat familiar with. It’s called ‘I Could Never’ and a different version of it leaked online a few years ago with Jorja Smith on it. What Drake played is presumably the final version though and it’s a solo version with some different vocals on it.

Below you can listen to the songs as the songs made available on SoundCloud.