Drake Brings New Video To Amahiphop April Top Videos – Watch Toosie Slide

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 Amahiphop April Top Videos - Watch Toosie  Slide

Drake didn’t show up last month on Amahiphop top released videos. However, fans are so desperate since 2019 was actually were he obviously creat more awareness for upcoming studio album.

While Amahiphop compiled about 28 top March videos, Drizzy in no way missing out this month, April, and it’s all new song from OVO called Toosie Slide. Earlier in the week there was a clip featuring senses like dancer Toosie, Hiii Key and Ayo & Teo as they integral and dance in the clip. 
Today, official Toosie Slide is out and directed by. Theo Skudra.

In the song’s accompanying official video, Drake, whose face is partially covered, is seen mostly alone enacting the lyrics and the dance choreography. He moves around a deserted street and through a mansion, before the Theo Skudra-directed clip culminates in a colorful fireworks display.

Drake working on new album ? Well that’s exactly what we expected to hit streaming sometime this year. Meanwhile, Drake is fully readying something different from past catalog of albums and Toosie Slide song and video will likely to be one of those Drake’s song since this 2020.

Sure, Covid-19 onslaught place notable restrictions and as we keep on self-isolating and quarantine, watching Amahiphop April Top Videos is part of the stay safe. Watch video below.

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