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Drake Drop Response to ‘Scorpion’ as his Worst Album

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Drake is always a good rapper, and his fans know about that. At least his last project with 21 Savage has also shown that Drake has no worst album, but however it looks like there are some folks who don’t like Drake’s songs and albums. As a matter of fact, there are ant-Drake, either few or many.

The new speculation about Drake’s worst album trend Scorpion as the minor Drake album. It all began on Shots Taken Podcast, where some host took Drake headline. They dive into Drake album.

Although, one of them might have viewed Drake’s Scorpion album, which was the rapper’s fifth studio album as the worst album Drake has released. The host in question brought the topic by saying “What is Drake’s worst project?”

Listening to the below Instagram, then you will see that Scorpion was the major part of the discussion as worst Drake album. It came after they mentioned Take CareNothing Was the Same, and Views as possible contenders for the classic title.

Drake best albums have been noted always. Scorpion is indeed one of the best albums Drake has served globally since classic songs from the album remain more relevant.

One of the hosts then asserted, “If you compare him to other artists, this is probably still a better album than many people’s albums” as one of the hosts debunked Scorpion album.

As the clip circulated, the Canadian superstar jumped into the Instagram video’s comment section to disagree with the claim that Scorpion was his worst album. “Gods Plan, In My Feelings, Nice For What, Nonstop, Jaded, Is There More, Sandra’s Rose, That’s How You, Feel, Emotionless…… slappppps on [Scorpio emoji],” he typed.

The “scorpion” album was released back in 2018 and was one of the albums that have earned the rapper high accolades. The album even debuted at Billboard No. 1.

Whatever it looks right now, Drake has continued to work on his next album. Drake has shared a few songs since the release of HER LOSS joint album. You can check out Drake 2023 songs and features to see more of Drake songs this year so far.