Drake Confirms New Album with “Not Around” Official Version

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Drake Confirms New Album with "Not Around" Official Version

Drake has been assiduously on new album. In 2019 many were ready to welcome new album although swirling was around his unreleased album. 

Here’s 2020 yet Drake’s new album, of course his follow up to Scorpion album it’s all undergoing more underground works since Toosie Slide last year didn’t loose grip on any project as expected from fans.

Drake songs, some were leaked and Not Around has gotten viral gimmicks and attentions following release but that’s not the official version. Amahiphop believes Not Around is a single currently representing Drake, thrilling and getting lot of streams despite the Toosie Slide.

Drizzy and Mark had great moment, playing Toosie Slide while party but there’s more unreleased singles Mark left it sketch and Not Around is among. The song has been catching some steam from fans and they wants him to spin it into his upcoming album. 

“People keep asking me to play ‘Not Around’. New version coming on the album… proper version,” Drake said. Apart from that, he also played his collaboration with Playboi Carti, ‘Pain 1993’, an “alternate” version of ‘Life is Good’ featuring Future and another unreleased song that could be titled ‘Rollin’, among others. Listen to some below.

Toosie Slide, on Amahiphop April hip-hop videos, the song has been added to the list and you can also watch it out.

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