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Dr. Dre Selling Part of his Music Catalog for $200 Million

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Dr Dre is up for something. The traditional hip-hop sensation is selling his music catalog for over $200 Million. Not all, just part of is going to Universal Music and Shamrock Holdings with that mentioned price.

Dr Dre is another notable figure who is doing this. The last time was Taylor swift whom Shamrock has also purchased some of the amazing music catalog. shamrock is a private entity that purchased Taylor Swift’s first Six album with the sum of $300 million, Variety reported.

That was in 2020, and the news hit online. Now, Dr. Dre has arrived to give out some of his music catalog to the same shamrock.

The assets are said to include two of the iconic artist’s solo albums, his share of N.W.A. artist royalties, his producer royalties; and the writer’s share of his song catalog in which he doesn’t own publishing, reports Billboard.

The portion of the catalog may include songs from his 1993 solo debut album The Chronic, which is published by Sony Music Publishing, but there is no confirmation yet.

The assets will likely be acquired by Shamrock at about 75% to 90% of the catalog’s revenue, while UMG will acquire the remaining 10% to 25%. UMG reps declined to comment on the reported deal when we reached out.

Dr Dre Catalog is a huge asset. But only one the producer has. Specifically, the catalog assets he is selling can generate about $10 million annually. They are being acquired by Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music Group in two separate transactions.

In 2020 Lil Wayne also sold out his masters to Universal Music Group for about $100 million. Some rappers and singers have been doing this and they are using it to cash out hugely. Dr Dre is just the latest businessman between Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music Group. He is seriously giving it out on a better price.