Doja Cat hate fans

Doja Cat Says Narratives that She Hates Her Fans was a Meme

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Fans are really dragging female rapper “Doja Cat” for making a statement saying that she hates her fans, but due to the way the issue is becoming  so serious  among her fans, she has decided to come out and address  the issues and according to her, she uses that as a play meme.

While the female rapper was sitting down with Ebro Darden, in an interview  hat led to them discussing  about the rapper’s relationship with her fans starting  from when she became so famous with her music crafts.

During  there talk time, they also discussed  about Doja Cat desires to step back from being  too famous to becoming  a private person and living  a private life, moreover, this seems not possible for the rapper .

Other things they discussed in the interview was her recent music release which she displayed some art that made people  started  talking  that she is a Satan worshipper, her hit single, ‘Paint The Town Red’, which really got a lot of attention because  of the imagery she used for the music video.

But the rapper mostly focused on the part where fans have being dragging  her with, saying  that she mentioned that she hates her fans, according to her, she never did that, but she just like to play with it as a meme, and that she never meant that.

“One thing that I do want to set straight is that you’ll never see a direct quote of me saying, I hate my fans. Not once. But it’s a really big misquoted thing where everybody is saying, she hates her fans. I never said that, but I do like to play with that as a meme.” She stated as she addresses the issues .