DMX Talks 2019 Album Hits Streaming Soon and Mother’s Relationship

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DMX and his inner workings of new album shelving plans against any rival project that might arise to streak on Billboard. DX wants to put his musical front to light meanwhile this year he got something up his sleeve after his odd been in prison and some of surrended bugs eating his career.

Talking about DMX legal trouble can’t be overemphasized yet the rapper turning into green light only to favour his career of his fans as well. DMX and his friends have been teasing his “return” for a few years but the rapper couldn’t stop himself from landing in legal trouble time and again.

Do you know one of the sparking headline around the net involved DMX signing peace with his formal record lable. Reports has been swirling about his new deal with Def Jam. The record lable is part of integral given to DMX rised to notoriety. The new development is nothing but helping the lot career to restore.

Officially, DMX is working on new project. His close associate with Swizz Beatz’ interview on The Breakfast Club where he hinted at the development. There’s more fact showing the legendary rapper coming to spotlight soon. His minutes with GQ interview noted he is working on new music. Not sure of the rapper is prepping for new album for September albums although we are expecting something this year.

“Yeah, it’s good to be back home. I wanted to be a part of Def Jam since 1985, when the movie Krush Groove came out,” the 48 year old said about the signing. “And I found out that Run’s last name was Simmons, and Russell’s last name was Simmons. And Russell was running Def Jam. I saw the movie Krush Groove, and I was like, “Yo.” And at that point, I was so naive then. I was like, “Yo. If I could just meet them.” And like, “Yo, my last name is Simmons too.” And that’s it,” the father of 15 children continued.

Not astonish to set our sight on DMX especially on any of his new debuting album. His deal with Def Jam from 1998 to 2003, and all of them went number 1 on the Billboard 200.

Another interested thing is his upcoming album. “The standard that I hold myself to is the same: Better than everything I hear. I need to be better than everything that I hear. And I can hear it. They winning with that? Oh, I’m good. If you don’t give people something incredible to listen to, they’re going to listen to whatever. And I get that. I’m not mad at the fans for enjoying these songs, or the DJs for playing songs they play. I’m not mad at them or the artists that’s winning even though they suck. I’m not mad at them.”

DMX has done a collaboration with Swizz Beatz  and Rick Ross. But that’s what really show he is back. During the interview, X also talked about his relationship with his mother. He life, Six years seem no value to his mother whom he thinks “Maybe she didn’t know what to do with me,” he said. “I found out I just knew things that she didn’t know when I was only six years old. I would get up at night sometimes to drink water because I was so hungry. And I saw something in her notebook that was open on the kitchen table. And it was wrong, so I erased it. I thought I was helping.”

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