DJ Khaled & Family Fund Scarface’s Political Ambition With $15,000 and Snoop Dogg $5,000
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Scarface is facing his new career, his foundness on politics is quiet suprise to most lovely minds. The Hip-Hop vent. Is contesting over Houston councilman and needs wilde supports from diverse of Hip-hop headquarters.

Scarface scaring us he’s quitting rap to politician isn’t fake. Meanwhile he seeks your supports and series of donors from fellow rap peers stretched forward with some amount notable dollars attached.

DJ Khaled has fully backup Scarface with sum of $15,000. That’s a family huddle up on behalf of Scarface to secure his Houston dream.

Maybe i should tell you what goes on behind-the-scenes. Scarface is being assured from peers, closet and more close-knit relatives. Both Snoop Dogg, Ice-T and 2 Chainz are all in help and they donate some respective money which Scarface disclosed on social media.


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