Diddy Set Up Instagram Live Battle With Dr Dre ?

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Diddy Set Up Instagram Live Battle With Dr Dre ?

Lol, whose fans are freaking so hard. But this is fun. Diddy vs Dr Dre, what a cool self-isolation with Instagram on Fat Joe’s set up VERZUZ battle were rappers rambles for good. COVID-19 is now regular way of life since it’s outbreak and social media interaction gives us virus-free else is cyberbullying.

However, hip-hop is widely participating on those measures as advised against COVID-19 Pandemic meanwhile Fat Joe has been entertaining not only peers also we fans on Instagram. At least his VERZUZ battle platform on Gram has been practiced, both Swizz himself take on Timbaland now Diddy and Dr Dre readying to ramble.

“We need [Dr.] Dre to show up for the culture, we need Puff to show up for the culture. Those are two mastermind generals and they need s*** right. I say we go pay-per-view.” Swizz suggested. If viewers do end up forking out cash to see the two legends up against one another, the money is set to be donated to charity.

 Dr. Dre seemed less keen on the idea of competing as he told Teddy during his Babyface battle, “I don’t know if I’m interested in doing that but we’ll see what it is. I was going back and forth with Puff earlier today.” Diddy confirmed the news during his chat with Fat Joe in which he said, “We’re definitely talking about it,” Diddy revealed. “You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.” 

One this battle we really want to see  is Ja Rule and 50 Cent which Fiddy actually don’t have such interest going on live Instagram battle with his life time foe, Ja Rule.

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