Davido and Wizkid Commonly Showing This 2020 Rival

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Davido and Wizkid Commonly Showing This 2020 Rival

Wizkid and Davido are also notable Nigerians mega crooners, probably refers as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Both parties have been taking related awards hardwares to home, representing Africa in most ventures, Music and more.

Amahiphop haven’t recorded slew of social media stunt respectively from IF singer and Fever singer but so lately the novel COVID-19 Pandemic keep riddling yet Wizkid Davido are internationally stomping as well storming from different singles were they assisted in their own bucky ways of integral at Know Your Worth and Escape.

Those songs are literally spinning their fanbase once again. The Khalid and Akon songs has great impact even taking those intense fans to compare those songs. Without no viral gimmicks, Khalid featuring Davido on Know Your Worth and Akon incorporating Wizkid on Escape have percivied this common rival.

Despite how 2020 COVID-19 melting down the world economy, Wizkid and Davido are staying relevant with those mentioned featured hits from international brand.

Amahiphop isn’t convinced weather both Wizkid and Davido struck secret deal to maintain common rival. They’re doing it without strings attached although as fans, we might’ve go for the best deal which will continue to spark debates across both singing platforms.

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