DaBaby Not Self-Isolating and Move On Shooting New Video

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DaBaby Not Self-Isolating and Move On Shooting New Video

Despite what i characterized as horrific moment, DaBaby in no way slowing career at least a moment. COVID-19 continue its world tour, frightening and people are restricted indoors since it’s all hard time.

DaBaby whom we have reported on multiple occasions about his new 2020 album, the Bop rapper really don’t think of isolate upon how to world facing downtown over the course of coronavirus Pandemic.

So, DB is has been working ? Sure he’s relentless on new didn’t start not only earlier this year both since 2019 DaBaby kept adding more oil on his music front.

Sharing footage from the second day of shooting, he wrote, “Had to mute it to keep you b**** a** n***** from stealing sauce. On set of @richdunk_lok “GAS GAS” Video Shoot.” He continued by saying that Rich Dunk “ain’t stopped working at all,” which seems to be an infectious attitude. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is also extremely infectious, with many thinking it crazy that DaBaby is out and about at a time like this when the world has been cautioned to self-isolate and quarantine.

However, let’s expect something new this month ? Our insider revealed DB is dropping new video sometime soon or later. But remember, Amahiphop has been compiling all songs featuring the rapper in question and you can check it out while we awaits his upcoming else see more about self-isolation.

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