Neighborhood Superstar

DaBaby & NBA YoungBoy Shares ‘Neighborhood Superstar’ Music Video: Watch

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They are getting it all started. The new album which fans are expecting to drop this month on the 4th as announced is no longer less than 2 days.

DaBaby and NBA have been working together since this year and the new album which is called Better Than You is simply a joint album that has already featured a new song Neighborhood Superstar.

While we keep waiting for the album, today NBA YoungBoy and DaBaby have shared the official music video for Neighborhood on Amahiphop U.S PMVC March 2022.

This is the first music video both have shared since this month and it is the third music which on Amahiphop U.S PMVC.

To watch the video, you can check it out on Amahiphop March music videos compilation which has featured video songs like No Yeast, Tiffany Nikes, and more videos.