DaBaby Continue Working On His New 2020 Project

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DaBaby Continue Working On His New 2020 Project

Grammy-nominated rapper whose real name is Jonathan Kirk has gotten back his freedom following allegedly robbery that took him to jail lately, on a battery charge Thursday night in Miami. The rapper regain freedom on Saturday evening after his arrest a warrant for his arrest was declined.

It all first started on argument in between him and a promoter who claimed DaBaby is trying to run him street after giving him $30k over a Performance but the Suge rapper said he counted the Money $10k which led to argument then bust out more brawl.

While it all flipped after Miami police showed up, DaBaby was arrested and they found a warrant for his arrest from Texas, also on a battery charge. The incident according to DaBaby said there was no violence but only exchange argument. One of the promoter’s crew said he was Punched and robbed him of $80 and a Bank Card was also missing after the incident took place.

His arrest has been cleared and wasted no time getting back to studio for his 2020 project. DaBaby continue working upcoming studio album which he has already told us he has a collaboration with Lil Wayne is about to release his Funeral album by February. Babay haven’t shared any album title, cover or tracklist but hopefully the Suge will definitely working on new 2020 project.

While he’s free from recent arrest, DaBaby will have to return to court in Miami on Tuesday in connection to the Café Iguana Pines nightclub incident. The rapper said new song is coming which will probably address all his recent ordeal.

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