DaBaby attack

DaBaby Attack: Get Charged with Felony Battery Over Attack at Music Video Shoot

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DaBaby is simply one of these notorious rappers you don’t want to mess with but messing himself up could be the best karma. In February DaBaby attacked DaniLeigh’s Brother at Bowling Alley. Yet again, DaBaby attack continues to be something of his favourite.

His recent attack video happened last year. Although the victim whose name is Pagar has been silent but later unfolds how DaBaby and his crew descended on him after trying to stop them from shooting a music video with reason.

The main reason is that Gary Pagar accepted to rent out part of his apartment for DaBaby to shoot his music video for one of his artists. According to TMZ, Pagar and Dababy’s fight happened after DaBaby their agreement.

The agreement was Pagar rented out one of his spaces for the rapper with only 12 people allowed. But DaBaby later doesn’t abide by the rule rather more than 50 people were there with him shooting a music video. Pagar came back and try to confront DaBaby one in peace but his team try to fight him.

DaBaby noticed what was going on and told some of his team members that were restricting Pagar to back off and he then does the sucker-punched. In the video, he knocked the victim down with a tooth out of his mouth.

DaBaby is now facing criminal charges over the incident that took place on December 2nd last year where Pagar, who was trying to stop him and his entourage from shooting a music video at his property. He suffered injuries after getting beaten. DaBaby has been charged with felony battery by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office.

DaniLeigh and Dababy relationship is also another thing where we saw him fight with DaniLeigh brother who also sue him following bowling alley altercation. Already he has fought with Pagar back in December last year.

DaBaby, same this month also became headline after of him shooting someone to death. The incident happened back in 2018 although he wasn’t charged based on self-defence as claimed. DaBaby attack has always been awful.