Conway says Eminem’s fans are “nerds and stans” in a clip

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Conway the machine recently signed with em’s record imprint. Back in July, the Griselda rapper featured Eminem on a song “bangs” where Eminem called out nicki minaj.

Recently, Conway happened to appeared on Vlad TV with Lord Jamar one of Eminem’s nemesis. During the interview lord jamar asked conway why he signed to em’s record imprint. He was also asked what its like to be exposed to Eminem’s fan base.

“They’re a bunch of ‘Nerds And Stans’ don’t understand me or relate to what I bring to the table with this music, It’s always where’s Eminem? We want an Eminem album.” he said.

Conway was also asked how fans reacted to their collaboration “bangs”. The rapper hadn’t really seen how fans react.

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“I still haven’t really experienced it fully either,” he explained. “Like I said, that record just came out a couple days ago. I ain’t really get to fully experience the impact of Eminem’s fanbase gravitating to my catalog. We’ll see show that goes.” he said

Conway talked about what it was like meeting Em for the first time and how it felt when Shady told him he was “nice” on the mic. Conway is also happy to be a part of eminems label.He says his happy to be part of the label.

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